Pain can be sudden or sharp. It can occur in spine or may feel in the entirety of your body. It can last for a long period and cause a whole array of secondary issues if not properly assessed by a professional and thats where we come in. We are experts at dealing with spinal pain. Whether it be in your lower back, mid or upper back, or even in your neck we have a wealth of experience dealing with pain and injury in this area. 


At Seniors Health Physiotherapy, our goal is to reduce your level of pain and to return you to the maximum level strength, flexibility and function so you can get back to your normal life. Our Mobile Physiotherapy Service on Gold Coast and Tweed offers a comprehensive service range for patients to treat their chronic and acute pain in the spine. With our physiotherapist's combined expertise, we offer the most advanced physiotherapy plan for the treatment of spinal pain. The best part of course is we can do this is the comfort of your own home to get you better, which saves you the sometimes very painful trip  in the car to the clinic and saves time out of your day.


Seniors Health Physiotherapy are Specialists in Spine Pain Management


Our physical therapists can help you improve your level of pain and function by individualising the treatment to suit you. After a thorough initial assessment, we will target our massage and manual therapy to suit you as well as targeted exercises to strengthen the weaknesses in your body which are contributing to the injury. We will be there for you every step of the way. Our physiotherapists only use the most recent, research-based treatment and techniques to ensure you are getting the best possible care!


Veterans deserve quality physiotherapy care at home

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How Our Physiotherapy Specialists Help You Manage Spinal Pain


After your initial examination is complete and we have a greater understanding of what exactly is wrong, our physiotherapist will prescribe a detailed physiotherapy plan for you, which will be focused on decreasing your pain and improving your strength, flexibility and functionality. We will be there helping you to complete your individualised exercise program to reinforce your strength and improve pain free movement. We aim to help you regain your spine function so you can get back living comfortably at home!

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