Our physiotherapists are experts at gait retraining and we are here for you if you live with a balance or gait disorder. Your balance isn't quite what it used to be? Do you find yourself looking for walls, railings, or other surfaces to keep your balance? Have you noticed pain in your joints, knees, and hip areas that prevent you from walking properly?

These are the symptoms of a gait disorder and are more common as we get older. There are various reasons this type of condition can occur. It can lead to physical and mental limitations in your daily life. The underlying musculoskeletal and neurological disorders can cause or worsen a problem with balance or gait. Fortunately, physiotherapy at Senior Health Physio can help in the rehabilitation of any balance or walking disorder. At Senior Health Physiotherapy, we can manage your symptoms and help fix your problem. In many cases, we can help you relieve your condition thoroughly. To learn more about the benefits of our gait and balance physiotherapy services in Gold Coast and Tweed, contact us today.

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Physiotherapy for Balance and Walking Disorders

Physiotherapy is the most effective way to treat balance and walking disorders. Our physiotherapist's complete mobility assessments in Gold Coast and Tweed Shire and we provide you with the best techniques to improve your balance and your ability to walk.

When we visit you for your first appointment, our physiotherapist will perform a comprehensive physical assessment to examine your balance, gait, posture, medical history and symptoms, before creating a personalised treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Our Physiotherapists: Partners in Your Recovery

Senior Health Physio is a team made up exclusively of physiotherapists with extensive experience in community health. We are a group of knowledgeable, client-focused professionals with varied clinical backgrounds. We regularly participate in continuing education courses to further expand our knowledge and skills to serve you better. Our goal is to treat you, get involved and support you to facilitate your recovery and promote a healthy and active lifestyle. We specialise in working with older people who may be chronically ill or have reduced physical abilities and functions. We strive to work with you to keep you active, maintain your physical independence and improve your life quality as you age. We want to help you in your recovery by helping you improve your health at home. Thus, we will help you regain your strength, endurance and physical autonomy to be safe at home and continue to live how you want to live.

Veterans deserve quality physiotherapy care at home

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