Physiotherapy at home plays a vital role in preserving the independence of elderly people at home. The goal is not only to live longer, but that we enjoy old age in harmony and well-being, in addition to living at home safely and independently. Sometimes, after an illness, a fall or the simple passage of ageing, people may find it harder to achieve tasks that previously weren't difficult such as walking, balance or carrying out daily activities.

Seniors Health Physiotherapy provides home physiotherapy for DVA Gold Card holders on the Gold Coast and Tweed focussing on restoring altered functions and maintaining the maximum possible autonomy.  One of our dedicated and experienced physiotherapists will come to you and help you improve your health and achieve your goals in comfort of your own home!


Problems with immobility or a sedentary lifestyle in the elderly population

As we age, immobility leads to complications such as:

  • Loss of muscle mass

  • Increased bone fragility

  • Joint and muscle stiffness

  • Increased pain and cramps

  • Risk of bedsores or skin wounds

  • Circulatory problems and fluid retention

  • Fatigue and general tiredness or with small activities

  • Loss of balance when standing or walking

  • Gait insecurity

"MOVE it or LOSE it!" This saying becomes more and more important as we get older as the body becomes less forgiving and doesn't heal like it used to. However, even the slightest bit of specific exercise can counteract these effects and work to improve strength, balance, mobility and decrease pain. This is where Senior's Health Physiotherapy comes in. We are experts in individualised care of people of all levels of health and condition. We tailor our treatments to you as and individual and we are there with you helping you every step of the way. Avoid waiting and put your health first by getting quality at home physiotherapy care with Gold Coast's favourite mobile physio service, Senior Health Physiotherapy. 

Veterans deserve quality physiotherapy care at home

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