Falls in the elderly community represent a significant health risk. For example, the injuries sustained in the process, such as hip fractures, are often severe and often result in the need for long-term care. This results in the individual requiring higher levels of care and in some cases not being able to live at home independently, potentially needing nursing home care. Our job is to prevent falling, this is one of our main goals at Senior's Health Physio. Our research-based approach focuses on improving motor skills strength, coordination, balance, and endurance to improve falls prevention. Our therapeutic focus lies in the treatment of the individual with a holistic, extended treatment approach as we know it takes time to improve in this area. Senior's Health Physiotherapy has helped hundreds of elderly clients up and down the Gold Coast and Tweed Shire to improve health outcomes and drastically reduce falls risk.

As movement specialists, our physiotherapists are experts in all areas of falls prevention on the Gold Coast and Tweed Shire through targeted treatments and exercise and strengthening programs. For example, we have put together hundreds of individualised preventive training programs as well as build-up programs after injuries and operations. As part of the training and balance-based programs, they are facilitated by one of our brilliant physio's who are are there with you for the journey. This enables our physiotherapists to constantly configure and alter the treatment and exercise programs to suit you as an individual.

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How Can We Help You with Falls Prevention on the Gold Coast?

Here are a few examples of what we at Senior's Health Physiotherapy will achieve with you in order to keep you safe at home and prevent your falling risk:

  • Muscle building exercises

  • Balance exercises

  • Proprioception exercises

  • Postural exercises

  • The practice of functional risk activities such as walking, stairs and transfers.

  • Home adaptations to make you safer.

  • Teaching the caregiver the appropriate techniques to support and help the loved one without risk.

  • Adoption of new strategies to specifically address the conditions resulting from certain diseases such as freezing in Parkinson's.

Another aspect that our therapists can practice with you is "the after-fall". We will then teach you what to do when a fall occurs at home. Our professional physiotherapists are experts in Seniors Falls Prevention on the Gold Coast and we will help you dissect  the different movements that you can do once on the ground and how to call for help.

Functional physiotherapy takes on its whole meaning with the prevention of falls. It brings a concrete solution to an exact and difficult problem that many elderly people face at home and alone. One of our great physiotherapists will accompany you step by step to help you regain confidence and live safely and independently at home.

Veterans deserve quality physiotherapy care at home

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